Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Is Assimilation For Immigrants And Their Children Only?

Assimilation is not only for immigrants and their descendants, indeed not, and that is why large-scale immigration has to make America more like the failed societies from which so many immigrants come. To suggest otherwise, that we have some formula which can make assimilation be all for the foreigner and none for us, would be so arrogant and preposterous a claim, that no one ever makes it explicitly. By implication, though, an attempted smear job is set up by stressing assimilation as if it could be all one way, then being positioned to say that only racism, fascism, xenophobia, or the smear-term of the moment, would insist on the unassimilability of various foreign groups. A rational argument was rightly to be expected though, as to why we need millions of immigrants additional on to net public subsidy. Not only must the mass-immmigrationist, special pleader or otherwise, give reasons as to how assimilation will occur, and not be counterbalanced by Americans getting assimilated to the standards of the third world mobilized towards us, but they must indicate why we should expect immigrants to be net taxpayers. Aggression is increased on those to whom loyalty is owed, such as the net taxpayer of our citizenry, and the excuse for this is that assimilation may happen favorably, and we supposedly need to increase gross output however this can be done, and regardless of the effect on per capita standards?

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