Friday, November 23, 2007

Do Not Profligately Grant The Assumption Of Good Faith...

...But especially not to those who want more freedom-for-aggression, to be made available to officials and criminals. There is evil in too generously granting the assumption of good faith in matters political, and no known virtue in doing so. Credulity and naivete are not virtues but weaknesses, and such as are easily and routinely exploited by aggressors and their excuse-makers. The assumption of sincerity and good faith, and of motivation from sources other than malice and power-greed, is not to be given to those who want more freedom-for-aggression. Those to your left in the above sense, will rarely be found giving the assumption of good faith to those who want even the LEAST reduction in that freedom-for-aggression. Instead, smears will be immediately and robotically used against those who are seen to want even minimally more freedom-FROM-aggression, and to the total exclusion of rational arguments, no matter that these civil and reasonable approaches were rightly to be expected. It has to be that way, since there are no rational arguments even for the maintenance of freedom-for-aggression, let alone its increase. If politics be the ethics of aggression, discussion with political aspects, is going to come down to the above-described considerations. An element which is most especially not to be granted charitable assumptions of good faith, is the excuse-maker for Islamic aggression; the unspeakably degraded Dhimmi, the would-be Dhimmi found among us, hoping to be accepted as more than utterly second-class.
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Look At The Revelatory Power Of Not Giving The Assumption Of Good Faith To Likely Propagandists...
Brazil's leftist government is promoting race hatred
Olavo de CarvalhoBrookesNews.ComMonday 10 December 2007
In an interview with the BBC, Matilde Ribeiro, Brazil’s Special Secretary for the Promotion of Racial Equality Policies, explained the very special kind of anti-racism she defends: it consists of nothing else than overt and continuous anti-white hate, legitimized by a slavery history that ended more than a century ago.
As most Brazilian families (including mine) come from mixed race marriages, Ms. Ribeiro’s preaching tries to stir up hate among people who would rather prefer to love one another. But her scandalous doctrine, promoting the hostility of mulatto children against their white fathers or mothers, is not an original product of her empty head. It is the passive echo of a long and very active cultural tradition. Since Stalin ordered the communist movement to exploit all possible racial conflicts, conferring upon them a sense of class warfare, perhaps nobody has obeyed that instruction in a swifter, more faithful and constant way than Brazilian "social scientists".
Practically all our university production in this domain consists in a long and noisy effort to instill in blacks and mulattos a retroactive hatred directed not only against the slave masters and the descendants of slave masters, but against the white population in general, including those who fought for the liberation of slaves, those who married black persons, those who never said a single word against the black race nor did it any harm. According to the doctrine of our academic establishment, all these whites are unconscious racists, virtually as dangerous as Joseph Goebbels or the Ku-Klux-Klan.
Even the blacks are a little racist against themselves. Truly innocent of the crime of racism are only the distinguished authors of these studies and the militants of organizations inspired by them. In other words: you either are one of the accusers or one of the culprits. There is no third possibility. An incessant flux of Master's and PhD theses, largely subsidized by the government and by billionaire international foundations, pours out from our universities in order to lend credibility to that lovely doctrine. It is founded upon the following eight methodological precepts:
1. Attribute to racial discrimination the difference in economic standing between blacks and whites, omitting the fact that, between the abolition of slavery and the beginning of industrialization in Brazil, more than 40 years went by, during which time the freed black population reproduced itself at a rate incomparably higher than the number of jobs available.
2. Portray black people as the main victims of violent crimes, without asking if they are not also predominantly the perpetrators of these crimes. Every murderer, white or black, is thereby considered a priori as an instrument of white violence against blacks.
3. In the same way, explain all police violence against blacks as a consequence of white racism, without considering whether the police officers who committed the violence were black or white.
4. Depict Europeans always as enslavers and blacks as enslaved, systematically omitting the fact that Muslim troops, filled with blacks, invaded Europe and enslaved millions of whites eight centuries before the arrival of Europeans in Africa.
5. Explain, therefore, internal slavery in Africa as a mere byproduct of European slavery, thus inverting the order of historic time .
6. Transform every race into a juridical person, a holder of rights, when black, and of penal responsibility, when white.
7. Take it as implicit that every white person is guilty of the acts of slave masters, even if he has not a single slave master in his ancestry and even if he has come to Brazil as an immigrant decades after the end of slavery.
8. Blame it all on the "Judeo-Christian civilization", exactly the only one, throughout human history, to have done something in favor of enslaved races.
The word "bias" is too delicate and subtle to qualify the mental attitude that generates these studies. The sociology of races produced in Brazilian universities is pure propaganda material, deliberately misleading and calculated to legitimize the revolutionary violence against what former Sao Paulo (white) governor Claudio Lembo called the "white, cruel and selfish elite". Social science in Brazil is a kind of organized crime .
Olavo de Carvalho, 60, is a Brazilian writer, philosopher, journalist and former university teacher presently living in the U.S. as a correspondent for Brazilian newspapers. He can be emailed at and at his siteJB comments: Government officials and their professoriate, plus media subject to licensure, are not wisely given the assumption of good faith. Carvalho's precept #6 above is especially relevant to the state religion of anti-caucasianism in our public schools: "Transform every race into a juridical person, a holder of rights, when black, and of penal responsibility, when white." I say this doctrine in itself fully justifies the disestablishment of government schools here through privatization, insofar as it is pervasive in them. Such doctrines are all that's left for the left, when the dream of the class war dies. Another brilliant and highly exportable observation of Carvalho's, excerpted from above: "Truly innocent of the crime of racism are only the distinguished authors of these studies and the militants of organizations inspired by them. In other words: you either are one of the accusers or one of the culprits. There is no third possibility."
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