Friday, November 16, 2007

Another Line Of Reasoning Tending Towards Confirmation Of The Madisonian Metaphysics Of Suspicion

Assume, to see where it may lead, that officialdom and its professoriate, will always try for as much power to do as much damage as can be got away with at a given time and place. If this assumption be grossly wrong, so is the American constitution, for proceeding systematically as though we may never trust officials much more than the above assumption would allow. How will these mighty untrustworthies obtain the signals which tell them that an attempted power-grab has gone beyond what can be got away with just now; won't it have to be a reaction which threatens to throw the entire apparatus of the expansion of such power into reverse? What in the world could accomplish that, unless it were a threatened reversal of the growth of funding and staffing of the government schools, insofar as they are the propaganda apparatus working for the next power-grab? In modern history, one may note the major rightward moves away from despotism, or its increase, occurring after the pruning of the government schools; as in 1940's Germany, Japan, Italy, and in 1970's America, as many state universities had their budgets cut in response to the 1960's leftist indulgences. If this assumption be the American idea, that humanity becomes more untrustworthy the more endowed that one is with power or leadership of learning which is in state employ, and that this constitutes the nation and the loyalties thereto, such a group must be very small in the world and hardly sufficient in numbers to be called a nation. Therefore the nation must mean more, or other, than this.

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