Monday, November 19, 2007

The High Prevalence Of Slandering The Forces Of Counter-Aggression

Added 8-26-08 from Saturday, August 23, 2008:
The High Prevalence Of Slandering The Forces Of Counter-Aggression
is powerful evidence of the wish for freedom-for-aggression. Wouldn't it be exceedingly puzzling otherwise, to observe that one part of the government systematically vilifies another part, such as the public schools and colleges demonizing the military and the police? For certain there cannot be the least honor or sincerity in that procedure. In the nations where there is everything to fear from the nominal forces of counter-aggression, military and police such as they have, one does not find such vilification going on as here. The explanation is that the forces of counter-aggression are obstacles in the way of greater freedom-for-aggression, and such that, the less freedom-for-aggression has been won in a jursidiction, the more the forces of counter-aggression are to be defamed. Observing this sort of relation, how predictable it is, one has good evidence to conclude that freedom-FOR-aggession is a driving motivation for many of the powerful and the influential, and to ignore that effect in one's explanations is to give a false account of what exists.

Neither The Black Man's Freedom-For-Aggression, Nor That Of The Immigrant, Is Known To Be A Worthwhile Objective...
...for public policy to pursue as value. Government has pushed for decades in this direction though, as if they found these particularisms, the particular freedom-for-aggression of such races and nations, as actual values which public policy might reasonably work towards the aggrandizement of. Provocation of the majority may have long been the intention; to get a reaction sufficient to allow for the disposal of democratic procedures. To stop officials using methods as cynical and destructive as the above, by now, almost certainly would require the convincing threat of the people shutting down the government schools as such, thus handicapping the growth of power insofar as it relies on just these institutions for its propaganda machinery.

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