Monday, November 26, 2007

The Greater The Openness To Immigration, The More Evening-Out Of Levels Of Per Capita Fixed Investment... between countries is to be expected ( than otherwise would have been the case ). This is a problem and an exceedingly grave threat to the continuity of the advancement of civilization, since productivity reaches its new highest levels by adding on to the efficiency of what processes are already at the highest point currently existing. Allowing mass immigration to even out the levels of productivity or fixed investment per capita between countries which are even 100-fold different in this way, would halt and reverse progress in the advancement of productivity insofar as labor would substitute for capital. Some say this has never happened before on a global scale, therefore we need not fear it now; but there have never before been 100-fold differentials in per capita standards between populous countries, at the same time that the means are available to bring enough people in, to cause the downslide of exchanging high productivity methods for low. Many countries are cursed with excess labor in the antibiotics era, as they cannot justify the switch to higher-productivity methods while wages are very low. All the available labor should be used before they invest as if labor were more expensive than it is. Very few methods of production are more than 100-fold more productive than the way things are done in the poorest countries, all the rest should use more labor rather than invest in productivity enhancement, if the labor is that cheap.
Added later from earlier post: Business Leaders Turn from Increasing Per Capita Investment in Production, To Its Reduction Via Supporting Mass Immigration of Low Quality...
...They stand to suffer catastrophic loss of solidarity from the citizenry. The commonality of interest between the citizenry in general and the top people in business breaks down faster the more that there is a switch from increasing per capita investment in production, towards reducing it through mass immigration of undesirables (relative to this standard). Today the rich feel confident here, but the ground is shifting under them, towards a new dispensation of popular enmity against them, and it happens faster for each increment of such immigration which they are seen to favor and aggrandize their immediate relative position with.
Plus: Valuing Openness to Espionage Has Distinctly Traitorous Qualities: Would More Openness to Worse Espionage Then be Better Than Less?

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