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Mental Infectious Agents & The Valuing Of Openness to Parasitical Lineages Will Preferentially Aggrandize Them

The more parasitical a lineage is, the more it depends on openness on the part of potential hosts. The less parasitical a lineage is, the more it will depend on exclusionism, on some kind of merit system, and be harmed by deviations from valuing merit, which move towards valuing openness.
Added 6-26-08 from: For Each Increment of Mobility of Net-Consumers, What is to be Expected?
Increasing the mobility of net consumers should be expected to also increase the damage that they do, preferentially selecting for damage-inflicting types. When their mobility is more constrained, they are that much more likely to have to live with the nest that they have fouled.
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Mental Infectious Agents, Openness-Value and the Fundaments of Memeology and the Spread of Evils
A purely mental 'infectious agent' is postulated to have to follow laws of nature in the same way as a biological infectious agent. Following Ockham, the simplest account is given precedence. The infectious agent needs you to be open to it just one time, and thereafter to try to command others to be open to it, or to value openness in general. This will then be the irreducible minimum form of the message of an infectious agent; try to command others to be open. Realizing this, one can evaluate anew the call to have entire societies value openness; isn't this what a mental or biological infectious agent would have to order, just to get itself transmitted and nothing else?
From Monday, August 6, 2007Insofar as an Infectious Agent is Damaging or Lethal Its Interest is Served by Getting its Carriers or Vectors to Command Openness on Others......or not? What are the chances that professionals in the relevant fields will mention this, and are they even less likely to do so in a country with many immigrants? Are the chances of the above being spoken of by such professionals even lower, in proportion as there is allowance of mass immigration from tropical pestholes?
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A Gifted & Witty Reactionary Conjures With The Nature Of Mental Infectious Agents
Mencius says, in OLXI: the truth about left and right : " would choose the smart hosts over the less-smart ones. If you're a sexually transmitted virus, you want to be in a promiscuous gay host, preferably an airline steward. If you're an intellectually transmitted principle, you want to be in a smart and loquacious host, preferably a university professor. We expect to see some corollaries of this Q-M asymmetry, and we do. If smart people are more likely to host Q, we'd expect Q to be more fashionable than M. If you want to get ahead in life, acting smart is always a good start - whether you're smart or not. If smart people tend to host Q, hosting Q is a great way to look smart. Q becomes a kind of social lubricant. Anywhere, any time, the best way to meet and mate with other young, fashionable people is to broadcast one's Q-ness as loudly and proudly as possible. Also, if Q is more competitive than M, we'd expect to see Q progressing against M over time. Again, this is exactly what we see. The M-Q conflict is at least a hundred years old, and when we exhume the frozen thoughts of century-old Q-ists from dusty old libraries, their specific beliefs would put them deep in the M range - often at extreme M levels - if they lived today. But does any of this answer the question? It does not. At least one of Q or M is darkness. But we cannot tell which [according to his story-premise]. If Q is the dark side and M is mere sanity, we see immediately what Q is: a transmissible mental disease, which spreads by infecting education workers. If Q is mere sanity and M is the dark side, this same system is in the business of overcoming superstition..."JB comments: Although I don't suscribe to the dilemmas as stated, and intellectual fashion seems over-emphasized, this is still a fascinating exercise in contemplating the requirements of mental infectious agents.Q may possibly be the initial of a 'Quakerism' with horns and blood on its hands, and M may be a 'Militarism' with a sound mind and truth on its side; those are guesses...
Posted by John S. Bolton

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