Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Openness to Terrorists as a Value to be Sought by the Powerful and Power-Greedy Sounds Improbable? What Have We Here Then?

910 Group

"Here are the Frequently Asked Questions and answers for the dangerous and defeatist Democratic Iraqi refugee bill in the House - H.R. 2265 ( (S. 1651), with Kyle Shideler’s more detailed analysis here. It’s being sold as a way to get at-risk Iraqi employees - Iraqi translators, contractors, spouses and kids - into the U.S. as “special immigrants.” But the reality is that the bill seriously undermines provisions in US immigration law, opening immigration to those identified as terrorists or supporters of terrorist groups." [It is hard to see how this proposed legislation could be surpassed for malicious, disloyal and treasonable qualities in the history of our nation]

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