Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Global Nation or Universal Nationality is a Contradiction-in-Terms

The nation means an allegiance to fellow citizens relative to foreigners; especially relative to foreigners who increase the level of aggression within the borders. If there were no foreigners and no borders, there would be no such allegiance, and no universal nation or nationality. To try to make an ideal of such a contradiction-in-terms, is subversive of values.


Audacious Epigone said...

It's a way of trying to appear as though extreme antagonism toward nationalism is actually the apotheosis of nationalism, an ideal that True Nationalists should strive for.

John said...

It may be sometimes presented that way, but that would be an implicit attempted smear (patriotism= bloodthirsty nationalism). It would be an equivocation, as the above equation is not known to be true. Likewise, there may be a slippery slope innuendo, as if to say: loyalty to fellow citizens over against foreigners can't help but flow down towards the bloodthirsty final state. If there exist rational arguments as to why we do not owe loyalty to fellow citizens above foreigners, why would our brightest, best educated and knowledgeable participants in public discourse have to use attempted smearing, equivocation, slippery slope innuendoes, false dilemmas and other fallacies, those mentioned above, and these only?