Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Evidence of Administration Betrayal of Merit and National Security to Pander to Minorities

The Class of 2004 includes 18% (223) minority midshipmen with ethnic backgrounds as follows: ...Hispanics (88)...
The Class of 2011 includes 24.1 % (290) minority midshipmen with ethnic backgrounds as follows:...Hispanics (134)
[] This kind of increase requires deliberate numerical preferences, involving a randomization of the information provided on merit considerations, substituting racial/ethnic ones. That this is done during time of war, surely deserves to be called a betrayal.


John Savage said...

Well, just to be devil's advocate, I have to mention that maybe white kids are being smart not to sign up for the military these days. If they're going to be sent to an endless war based on the principles of "nation-building", who in their right mind would sign up? Only those who figure a military career is their only hope for upward mobility, wouldn't you think?

John said...

No, because these are the figures for USNA-Annapolis, and on that level you're getting entirely those with good prospects. This would be true of the minorities as well, since civilian employers are even more into the use of affirmative action, that is , the larger ones are. Another difference would be that the disadvantaged minorities may realize that they will have a much faster promotion pace, so far as affirmative action is operating.