Friday, August 10, 2007

Unspeakable Elite Malice, Assimilation, and Triumphalism so Improbable as to Show No Examples at All

The doctrine of assimilation so prevalent as to have been exposed to no dissent whatever, has it that assimilation is always a two-way process. It would require such an extreme triumphalism to claim that assimilation would sometimes be all one-way, from the dominant host culture to the immigrant one, with no influence at all from immigrants to the pre-existing culture. Therefore, necessarily, there is consensus that mass immigration will make us more like (dirty) Mexico, more like (dysfunctional) Latin America, and more like (the failed societies of) the third world in general. Only unspeakable elite malice could want this, though. The evil of leading elements wanting this sort of change, and to push for it in a way which requires extraordinary subversion of democracy, has to signify malice on the part of such rarefied powerful groups. If there are imposed codes of silence on the mention of such attitudes and where they fester, it is unspeakable malice. May the people become more aware of this unspeakable elite malice against them and their success, and may popular anger multiply a hundred-fold in result.

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