Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pro-Minority Enthusiasm Can Cover for an Anti-Democratic Wish for Tyranny

When factions wish for political changes which have no hope of majority support, doctrines such as pro-diversity, and valuing openness to diversity, can become all the more attractive. Pro-minority, anti-majority, pro-diversity and radical, despotic attitudes are all commonly found together. Even an open racial hatred against the majority can express a greed for power, which is frustrated by the difficulty of moving the majority politically.


John Savage said...

John, did you see this by Jim Kalb? He also cites this excellent article. Kalb writes, "I’ve noted that an implicit motivation for promoting mass third-world immigration is divide et impera: as Federalist 10 makes clear, the more people, and the more diverse they are, the higher the position of those on top and the less likely those down below will be able to get together and cause problems for their rulers." That sounds very much like what you're saying.

There was an interesting follow-up on the same research over at The American Scene, where Daniel Larison took this position, while Reihan Salam argued that in fact diversity makes people less likely to support increasing centralized government power, because people won't vote for government help for people they don't share a sense of commonality with. Salam cited Sweden as an example of where huge government depended on a homogenous population. I'm not sure I figured out what was wrong with that argument.

I think you're absolutely right about the motives of our elite, though. Keep up the good work!

John said...

Business elites can do as well with all sorts of arrangements: Monaco is good for them and so is America.
Where the greatest divergence of interests between the people and elites opens up is with the top precincts of political and intellectual elites. Scholars for over 100 years preached, and longed for, the Class War. Then they gave us more than 40 years of manipulations working toward racial-ethnic war. Now
they've thrown a stab at restarting the Wars of Religion, rushing to wave-in Islamic immigrants, the more hostile the better. If one approach is insufficient, add another 'diverse' occasion of conflict into the mix. Keep adding until war and dictatorship are achieved. The motivations can be inferred from the perfectly predictable effects, though not of all the participants, since many may be fooled or not be able to conclude that those they admire are base.
Diversity favors the tyrant, not so much directly, as indirectly through continually increasing irreconcilable conflict. Pro-diversity sentiment on the part of those who know what they're doing, tends to represent a dissatisfaction with a harmony in the population which is unfavorable for the growth of power. War ,crisis, irreconcilable elements, civil war and inflamed hatreds; these are the raw materials for building power.