Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Diversity-Valorization and Vicarious Power-Greed: A Rare Description of a Grave Threat to Civilization

Here is an intriguing comment by 'American Cassandra ', with many points of similarity to my own thoughts such as are posted or linked on this site:
"Diversity doesn't lead to good things, diversity is a good thing. Doesn't it ever occur to liberals that diversity does not lead to unity? This couldn't possibly be an accident. I don't think liberalism just mistakenly aims for impossible things, I think it deliberately aims for impossible things. If it aimed for the possible, there would no longer be an excuse for totalitarianism and infinite social engineering. I understand why liberals in power love liberalism. It gives them such an excuse for more and more power. I've never understood why ordinary people, students in the universities, school teachers, etc, are so seduced by it. They don't have any power, why does it thrill them so to give the state power over them? I suppose it must be that they are enjoying it vicariously."
Another conclusion might be that what they enjoy, is the prospect
of great power for themselves, validated by the enhancement of others' power or chances of increased power. How could that apply to those who cannot get themselves to believe that they do have such chances of power, though? Alternatively, there could be a psychological condition like what's sometimes called 'identifying with the aggressor', and that would be either within or outside the range of normal psychology. For this discussion no such conclusion as to normal or abnormal will be drawn. That would take us into psychology proper, which is not covered here.
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Disempowerment Of The Undeserving, Power-Greedy what might well motivate one. Openness to the empowerment of others, even insofar as they are different from oneself, is not what may reasonably be valued. It reduces to a contradiction-in-terms, however you approach it. Are they more and further different culturally, by having different values? Then you're asked to value the aggrandizement of what goes against your values; a contradiction-in-terms.
Posted by John S. Bolton
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Explaining The Strange Vicarious Power-Greed terms of a specific hatred. There is such a hatred aginst others' freedom-from-aggression, which shows in the desire to force a broadly distributed freedom-for-aggression, on others. Even if one has no hope of obtaining power for oneself, that special hatred will cause a sympathy with the aggressor. The aggression itself will be felt as falling on others. The power will be seen as if it were one's own, and the wish for the enhancement of that power, is the vicarious power-greed.
Posted by John S. Bolton


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