Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Anti-Discrimination Regime Vs. Advancement of Civilization: A Case of Forcing Openness to Diversity of Ever-Lower Quality

Civilization advances by assembling people of higher quality, through discrimination and further increments thereof. Anti-discrimination asks for, or compels, decrements of discrimination.
It does this especially through trying to force a disregarding of quality of population, as that of recruitment cohorts of almost any kind. Therefore anti-discrimination works against the advancement of civilization, and that is an injustice and an immoral course. No one is better by being just diverse from what a more developed merit system would recruit, and the forcing of openness to more and more such diversity must bring standards continually down, eventually destroying almost all the population, unless a turnaround, involving rejection of the anti-discrimination and the openness to such diversity, shall have come about first.


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