Sunday, July 22, 2007

IQ Differentials Between Groups are Long-Term World-Historical Causal Forces Capable of being Exploited for Power-Seeking Ambitions- for Generations

Steve Sailer poses the relevant thought experiment:
"If a gap between two groups suddenly disappeared in all the babies being born tomorrow for some magic reason, the gap among the workforce wouldn't begin to shrink until 2025 and wouldn't disappear until 2072."

We're not dealing with some problem which an environmental quick-fix could greatly attenuate.
The power-greedy can with complete confidence, build their careers on the basis that the lower group will, for at least six decades, resent the higher-IQ group, and have incentive to push status competition towards ruthless violence, where they have an edge. This will be the tendency, and the incentives for violence are greater for each point of IQ differential between the two groups. Valuing openness to this sort of diversity can serve demagogic power-greed, but little else.

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