Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Pro-Diversity Choose Their Issues so as to Maximize the Opportunity for Smearing Any Opposition

It has long been the custom for those on the left, and even the moderate right, to choose issues so as to position themselves to smear opponents, especially as for racial hatred against some commonly despised minority. This game has been going on so long now, that even a political operative not known for idealism or education, such as Karl Rove, would try to get amnesty for millions of perfectly undesirable illegal aliens, by saying: 'you just don't want brown people to get anything'. This way, one never has to offer a decent argument for one's proposal. Only one response may well be encouraged: opponents must go on the counteroffensive immediately, saying: smears are used in the place where a rational argument was rightly to be expected. Is this because no rational argument can ever be found for what is proposed. Then and only then, should one dispute the smears themselves. You are not smear-term a or b, well, fine, but first you must righteously punish the use of that smear approach, turning it against the smearer as stated above.

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