Thursday, July 5, 2007

To be American means: to be non-American?

It can't be our identity to have no identity.
It can't be our tradition to have no tradition.
It can't be our heritage to have no heritage.
It can't be our loyalty to have no loyalty.
There being no arguments for mass immigration of hostiles,
which do not involve contradictions like the above,
and with such high hopes of power riding on transmission of conflict,
more such contradictory assertions will be put out.
It is our continuity to have no continuity?
It is our loyalty to citizens to have no loyalty to citizens?
It is our patriotism to have no patriotism?
It is our community of values to have no community of values?
It is our common culture to have no common culture?
Properly interpreted, 'nation of immigrants'
and multiculturalism, pro-diversity, and more,
imply all the above contradictions-in-terms. It is also an exaggeration to say that for example, German immigrants assimilated and became more like Anglo-Saxons, notably more than they changed America, to resemble their characters.
There is indeed a founding culture which is not on a level with immigrant importations, but occupies a sovereign and superior position.
A non-sequitir is involved where one additional increment of population is
implied to have no different effect than an earlier increment.
No argument has ever been given which could demonstrate that there are no thresholds beyond which historical experiences such as assimilation, cannot be expected to continue as before.
Basically what we're given is a set-up for a smear:
claim that assimilation is to be expected to be always the same regardless
of which populations are being compared, when this is doubted or denied,
say that only racial hatred can motivate disbelief in the equation
of hugely divergent populations. It is necessary to use the smears only, since no rational arguments are available for traitorous openness.

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