Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Self-Liquidating Society Which Values Openness & Anti-Discrimination To The End

A society which reorganizes around valuing openness and anti-discrimination is self-contradictory and self-liquidating. The more it pursues non-discrimination and openness, the sooner it is replaced by a new leading element which closes the door behind it, having entered courtesy of anti-discrimination. Without more discrimination, even of the kind militated against by officialdom and professoriate as prejudice, Islam would enter en masse, and close off the openness behind it, and re-establish discrimination with extreme prejudice. It is not enough to look only at a large and strong country relative to such infiltrations, as America undoubtedly is; but to a range of nations with varying vulnerabilities. If it is observed that Hellenic Cyprus, Israel, Croatia, and even larger countries, would soon become Islamic zones of silence and death relative to cultural achievement, if they literally valued openness and anti-discrimination more and more, it is also predictable that a larger stronger country would go the same way, only over a longer period. That is, if such values were followed out to their threshold of ruin, with no turning back before the takeover is effected. Therefore, it is known that such values have wrongful aspects either in theory or application or both, but not neither.
From an earlier post: Bad ideas, even insofar as they are damaging, need people to be open and undiscriminating rather than the reverse. Thus, a kind of selection-value, resembling natural selection, arises in favor of bad ideas that promote social and intellectual openness; which is the exact opening that they need. Is this a coincidence? If a sexually transmitted virus caused people to become more promiscuous, it would be obvious why this trait was selected-for. A cultural infectious agent, which carries only the information needed to get itself transmitted (e.g. openness-as-an-ideal) looks like the stripped down remainder of a larger message which has degenerated, like the organs of a parasite. The telltale degeneration of otherwise necessary parts, of a vicious parasite, is a warning sign. In general, what would do us more damage needs us to be more open. Any means that the transmissible agent can commandeer, to get you to make others be more open to it; to value openness in this way, it will tend to use. If we see people doing what is contrary to their interest, specifically regarding behavior which appears to value openness, and such as a damaging transmissible agent could exploit for its transmission, the possibility of parasite manipulation ought to come to mind. What is known as liberal thought, but of the kind emphasizing anti-discrimination and the valuing of openness, and simplified to the extreme point of having no further doctrines, would be that parasite if any intellectual program so qualifies. It just has to get you to be open-minded to its program and not discriminate in a way which would block its entry and takeover. It needs you to proselytize for its minimal program. It will applaud any way of commanding others to be open and undiscriminating, no matter how unprincipled. Any further features are superfluous. On natural selection theory, it would be predicted that the superfluous further doctrines would vary chaotically, degenerate rapidly, and tend to disappear altogether, like the long list of principles which are abandoned when the left makes common cause with Islam. 'Principles' That Today's Left Repudiates In Making Common Cause With Islam
Added 6-28-08: The Nihilistic Outsider Would Have Others Value Openness
...even above anti-discrimination, brotherhood, equality, tolerance and certainly above freedom of political publication. This is demonstrated in the reaction to large and hostile Islamic immigration cohorts, with openness to them, getting rated above the erstwhile liberal principles as illustrated above. Insofar as one wants power and freedom-for-aggression, one must be the nihilistic outsider relative to human beings. The left starts with materialism and disbelief in human volition. Power-greed and longing for the worst kinds of freedom of action without responsibility, also make a subhuman outsider, who needs others to be open to aggression. Longing for freedom for aggression, could explain the decision in Boumedienne, which allows foreign hostiles access to the protection of our government as if they were here by some special right belonging to aggressors. It might explain the release of Abu Qatada, as described here:« BRITS RELEASE BIN LADENS RIGHT HAND " at "centre of al Qaeda's activities in the UK" also from Atlas: "Another horrific attack by North African “yutes” [...] on their Jewish prey in Paris, reminds one not only of Ilan Halimi, but a more recent attack earlier this year on a Jew in the same town where Ilan was tortured/ murdered, and the burgeoning, disproportionate (i.e., 25X the rate of the not terribly philosemitic non-Muslim denizens of Europe) rate of Muslim on Jewish depredations across Europe."
JB again: The enthusiasm of the powerful for bringing in this sort of aggression, and their obvious hatred of anyone's freedom from aggression, has to come from a profound and driven depravity. Whether the motivations work as in my simplified account, or otherwise, it should be clear that we're seeing an affliction of the powerful rushing to aid the outright subhuman, and that the affinity between the two must be strong. It sounds as if depravity on high, in the Supreme Court, and in the palaces of civilization, were bellowing: We're getting away with it!They won't be getting away with it long-term, though, if they cause the people to turn against the government schools.The more deviant and alienated someone is and feels, the more he will want others to value openness, since he will feel more excluded, the more he is that way.
added 7-16-08 from: Saturday, July 12, 2008
Liberal Disloyalism Zeroes In On Community Of Values, Relentlessly Annihilating
them. Punishing the loyal more, the more loyal they are, for any destructive length of time, sets up a disconnect, of lack of community of values, between rulers and the ruled. One extreme case of this, is when and where liberal regimes differentially bring down the fertility of their most obedient liberal elements, insofar as they are liberal. When liberal power becomes a Goya monster, programmed to auto-destruction, it targets community of values very specifically, and insofar as it is actually a disloyalism. It has to become one, though, since loyalty of fellow nationals to each other relative to the foreigner, is what 'the equality and brotherhood of all mankind', must try to destroy. The liberal disloyalist regime becomes, more and more, an insatiable enemy of community of values within its realm, not least because it insists that there can be no enduring enemies.
Posted by John S. Bolton

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