Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wherefrom Official & Progressive Anti-Caucasianism & What Has Made Dhimmi Leftism?

For generations there was the prophesying of the class war. Everywhere government schools burgeoned, there arose also the veneration of socialism, and the class war that would bring its revolution. When the class war came to be mainly despaired-of, race war became the new hope for socialist despotism. Anti-Caucasianism was the result of this, since promoting a racial socialism for the majority, would mean affirming Nazism, which had been the enemy, and a prime weapon for smearing. Still the race war did not come, and it has been thought necessary for some years now, to add on to it the war of religion. Anti-Christianism is the rising movement of the government schools. The anti-Christian, more spiritual-minded leftism, is abjectly collaborative with the Islamic war of religion. It is the DHIMMILEFTISM, which supplements anti-Caucasianism, all for civil war, dictatorship and the indulgence of power-greed, malice and latitude for aggression.
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If Official Anti-Caucasianism Antagonizes The Majority How May It Still Come From Power-Greed
and its cognates: Malice against successful humanity, liking for freedom-FOR-aggression, and suchlike? The way to know this is by comparing which racial, ethnic and religious hatreds are encouraged, and which used to set up smears of opponents, who are opposed to the aggrandizement of state power relative to the citizenry. Jeremiah Wright and black liberation theology win every encouragement, as does Islamic hatred of infidels including Jews. There is nothing like randomness here, but ironbound, systematic , official and longterm deliberateness to the patterns: Anti-Caucasianism, smearing of the majority and the successful, and the excuse-making for the ill-behaved. The only way to answer is to reply that there is no good argument for more state power.
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Valuing Openness To Diversity Of Anti-Caucasianism
and such and so many racial hatreds, is not good for the majority. This is why it cannot be obtained by democratic means, but is made to grow by the subversion of democratic procedures.The powerful and unscrupulous are daring in this particular way, making the most out of anti-caucasianism wherever they can recruit it. They need to take that risk of outraging public opinion, and getting themselves roundly hated and distrusted, because there is no good argument why they should have more power. That is, when their best chance is to antagonize the majority, then smear as moved all by racial hatred, the opposition which they provoke. This way, the unspeakably depraved act as agents provocateurs towards the majority in a racial way, then say racism and make opponents try to prove that they're not. Regrettably, the objects of the provocations almost never think to say: you have to do this because there is no reason why you should have more power.
Posted by John S. Bolton
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When All You Have Is A Holocaust Reaction, Everything In The Way...
of one's bid for undesirable power or influence, has to be made to sound like an incipient holocaust. There is no reason why officials should have more power to do more damage, which leaves the power-greedy with this slippery-slope smear method: prove you're not sliding inexorably to a new mass-murder explosion. When officialdom and its professoriate have done such enormous damage to community of values, that they cannot invoke a general agreement on anything but perhaps that mass murder programs are undesirable, it becomes a political speech crime to mention that the Khmer Rouge were pursuing equality, brotherhood and the eradication of class divides, all in the name of socialism, too. Likewise with the Maoist extermination of tens of millions in China. The smearing approach depends on there being only a holocaust of inequality and non-brotherhood, hereditarian and unsocialist tendencies. History must be deformed in a degree that is only compatible with unfreedom. Democratic procedures become obstacles, such that the rhetoric of the power-greedy requires that the existence of the majority be considered an incipient holocaust. This is the anti-culture of the last several decades, at least in the nations which have shown some resistance to the spread of despotic rule. Only the closure of the government schools, their privatization, and the cashiering of their professoriate can stop this by now. Unless that is, the threat of doing so, were convincing enough to get them to change on their own.
Posted by John S. Bolton


Anonymous said...

you really might have a point here.....................despairing of the proletariat not rising up, 'diversity' might just be a tactic of the left to bring about the social conditions Marx thought necessary to implement other words, leftists would be happy to use diversity to wreck America so they could say, "see, we told you freedom and free markets dont work, now lets try it our way".

John S. Bolton said...

Thanks for saying so. I believe that this is what would explain the SHIFTS in left wing approaches, over the last 50 years. It doesn't explain Marx, but then I'm trying to explain a larger leftism which doesn't necessarily feel any commitment to Marxism. There is a tendency to try to do damage and then blame it on others, and use the problems as an excuse for new powers.