Monday, April 14, 2008

First Public Showing Of Quota Admissions Inducing A Hugely Elevated Drop-Out Rate In Elite Higher Education Among Disadvantaged Minorities

UCLA Law Professor Richard Sander: "...had submitted his preliminary findings to the court, including the revelation that minority students at the UM Law School failed the bar at more than eight times the rate of white students..." [from this article by Terry Pell as found on Discriminations ] "Undergraduate blacks at the UM who were admitted without a preference had a graduation rate of 93% [...] In stark contrast, UM undergraduate blacks who received a preference had a graduation rate of 47%."[ JB interjects: 7% to 53% is almost an EIGHT-FOLD RISE in the drop-out rate from one group to the other, Obama is in the underqualified group relative to such policies] "It was thus possible for Sander to compare, for the first time, the academic records of UM undergraduate minorities who did not receive a racial preference with those who undoubtedly did."
Officials and their professoriate use this churning, failure and enhanced resentment to build up conflict on a population-genetic basis, since the more conflict can be got going, the greater the chances for dictatorship and planning a theoretically elegant anthill society, to gratify power-greed, malice, and the liking for freedom-for-aggression.
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Hearing Some Big Bad Dogs That Didn't Bark
According to those who ask us to value openness to Diversity, the majority was suppressing minority creativity and native genius. This was done by exclusion supposedly, and ignore for now, the contradictions in implying that more access to majority culture, was the one needful ingredient for minority genius to flower. First, compare to this quote:"Socialism will bring in an efflorescence of morality, civilization, and science such as has never been seen in the history of the world.”from Ferdinand Lassalle. [as found here] It would be hard to find any such bold statements on the pro-diversity side, predicting such a flowering to come from quota recruitment or mass immigration from the tropics. There was an expectation that bringing one-half of mankind, meaning women, out of 'exclusion' from lack of quotas would yield an egalitarian doubling.Several decades later, no such 'efflorescence' has appeared, but rather an absence of great breakthroughs characterizes the New Era of Diversity Quotas. Not only is there no burst of momentous breakthroughs in this period, but Clive Crook reports that:"Broadly speaking, educational quality has topped out - and on at least one measure, it is actually deteriorating. In 2006, Americans aged 55-59 collectively possessed more masters degrees, professional degrees and doctorates than Americans aged 30-34. This impending loss of educational capital is entirely outside the country's experience."Our greatest of vetted watchdogs, though, remain as silent on this non-flowering of Diversity, as they had, for generations, been on the non-'efflorescence' of Socialism.'Terminate experiment. Sacrifice'...the pro-diversity that is forced on us. It is not too early to judge the experiment to have failed.
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