Saturday, February 16, 2008

Schanberg On The Coverup Of POWS Held Back By Vietnam, Implicating McCain

At the end I will offer a speculative theory to tie together the apparent protection of McCain by the highest officials on all sides, while getting away with extraordinary abuses, possibly including the leaking of the story of the secret prisons for terrorists in E. Europe. McCain's area of power and expertise is government response to information on POW's, and he's long been committed to the line that there are no outstanding cases to pursue with Vietnam, Russia or Laos.
The illustrious journalist Sydney Schanberg says here:village voice > news > Did America Abandon Vietnam War P.O.W.'s ... & village voice > news > Press Clips: Schanberg: McCain and the ... "McCain stood out because he always showed up for the committee hearings where witnesses were going to talk about specific pieces of evidence. He would belittle and berate these witnesses, questioning their patriotism and otherwise scoffing at their credibility. All of this is on record in the National Archives."
And:" [national security adviser Richard] Allen told the committee that, based on 'waves of information,' both he and Reagan believed in 1981 that American servicemen were still being held in Indochina. Asked how many he believed were there, he said, 'Dozens, hundreds.' "
Schanberg offers considerably more to make his case that high officials, have for decades, covered-up a dreadful betrayal of the oath to leave no fallen comrade behind. Reading the linked articles above is required to determine the strength of his case; I say it's quite strong.
It is McCain who has been in the relevant position to amass the detailed information on this and secret it away, empowering him to blackmail the officials who still do not step forward with what they know, and thus perhaps get away as well with being an asset of Russian military intelligence. The path of least resistance then would be for them to let him do this, and get information such as the secret prisons story which was leaked, and serve the Russian interest in making America look incompetent and unreliable.
This would explain why McCain is especially adamant that Russian military intelligence did not control the interrogations of POW's, and much else. If it were this way, though, several of the present and former top officials will have to come forward soon with the revelation of the cover-up, and disempower and bring down McCain. He could not then be permitted to move towards being in posession of the White House; even an hour in control of the information there would be worse than the atom spies, if the above speculation were true.

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