Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fortress Israel Defies Openness-Valuers And Wins Almost Total Elimination Of Suicide Bombing

From Boca Raton's Dave posting of Feb. 5th, '08:
"Israel Suffers First Suicide Bomber in Over a Year
The Wall Street Journal has the simple truth about terrorism---restrict access and the rate of attacks dwindles to nearly zero:
The news about yesterday's suicide bombing in the Israeli town of Dimona is that it's news. In 2002, at the height of the second intifada, 451 Israelis were killed in terrorist attacks, including 14 suicide bombings. By contrast, yesterday's attack, which killed one and injured 11, was the first of its kind in more than a year."
With the previous (mainly offensive) policies of retaliation and periodic raids into terrorist strongholds, suicide bombers mercilessly exploited Israel's openness to Islamic ghouls. Now that defense has come into greater emphasis, with wall and fence construction, such attacks are down something like 99%.
The loss of openness to Palestinian commuters' menial labor, turned out not to be a loss, but a resounding gain, as the Israeli economy flourishes and booms on toward resplendent new heights. Controlling movements across the border required the exclusion of a large part of the bottom 10% of their workforce, maybe more than half of it. It is extremely difficult for a modern economy to lose by ridding itself of the deportable or excludable portion of the bottom percentiles. The envious will always tend to try to shift status competition towards contests of ruthless violence; this explains much of the above, though the nature of Islam in its purity is more important.


Audacious Epigone said...

Point out to neocon-types that the US should follow Israel's lead in its tremendously successful security barrier and you're likely to be called an anti-Semite, as absurdly illogical as that is, or a racist for insinuating that Mexicans pose a threat when everyone knows only Palestinians do!

John S. Bolton said...

It's often good to draw out smears from one's opponent, when they use them for lack of a good argument.

John S. Bolton said...

As if only an anti-semite would draw attention to Jewish success at anything, or suggest that Israel is not transcendent and unique in such degree that a lesson from there, ought not to be applied generally.