Monday, February 11, 2008

May The Highest Security Clearance Of All, Reasonably Be Given To McCain, Who Was For Years Held By Communist Operators Using Ruthless Techniques?

Since he admits to a degree of collaboration in giving information and is documented as having participated in making war propaganda for North Vietnam, no presumption of innocence as to further collaboration need be given, not by the public other than prosecutorial agencies. This is especially so, in that the only standard which then existed was the code disallowing any volunteering of information beyond name, rank and serial number, etc. The subsequent change of standards regarding collaboration, allows for no standards regarding further collaboration (at that time)by one who had admitted to basic violations of the older ones, at the time they were in effect. That is, a sort of plea-bargaining effect could obtain here. Until now, our hard-hitting investigative corps of journalists have oddly pitched only foam balls to McCain. What if this changes, will we have another Watergate wipeout ? It doesn't seem reasonable to have as president one who may be vulnerable to blackmail, such as could be made with the films said to be archived by Vietnam, as described here: Part #1 The preceding link also quotes "McCain's own admission of collaboration in an article he wrote, printed May 14, 1973 in U.S. News and World Report". OATH-BREAKERS are not credible witnesses in their own defense, and McCain has published admission of his oath-breaking. This is OUR LAW, and he may not proceed as a candidate for the presidency.

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John S. Bolton said...

Dennis Johnson, a graduate of Officer Candidate School, was brought into Hanoi with a broken leg that was never treated. He saw McCain only a few times but heard much about his clean clothes, being showered and clean-shaven and always with a few NVA officers during his stint at the “Hilton.”

“He received special treatment and was sent to the hospital days after he arrived because he agreed to cooperate, and yes, he did give radio broadcasts for the NVA, not only to North Vietnam but broadcast over the camp speakers,” Johnson said. “None of the other prisoners wanted anything to do with him because of these issues. It makes me sick to hear him called a war hero. He was worse than Fonda, for she was just an idiot, but McCain was supposed to be one of us.”