Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Politics of Fear"

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Prove That You're Not Fearful, Or How To Throw The Burden Of Proof Off Your Responsibility
As always, the power-greedy have no honest case to make as to why they should have more power, so they try to smear all opponents. Complaining of 'The Politics of Fear' also serves as an attempted smear of opponents, who are made to take the burden of proof on themselves to prove that they're not cowards. It is the seeker after power, though, who needs to win trust, not just accuse those who do not trust so blindly. To wrongly throw the burden and responsibility of proof on to those who prudently distrust, should itself prompt fear and distrust, of the irresponsibility it shows.
These current, thematically closely related postings are combined:Sunday, August 17, 2008
The Gross Self-Contradiction Of Fearing The 'Politics Of Fear'It is a systematic contradiction; if one should, even in the least degree, politically fear even the least increase of the politics of fear, one is both for and against the same object at the same time and in the same way. Since there is rightly much fear in giving untold power to an unknown, that political fear of the political use of fear, is inevitably present, and the contradiction follows as perfect refutation, when mentioned explicitly.
Sunday, August 17, 2008
The Echt-American Politics Is The Politics Of Fear
If hope and trust in officials had been in the place where fear might still be, there was no need to have a constitution, much less a bill of rights. The idea of the separation of powers would have been thought nonsense and an obstruction to the politics of hope and trust. Educated opinion in the years shortly before Hitler and Stalin, had great trust in the virtue of officials. The belief in the ideal qualities of socialism depended on that trust. Don't trust these candidates to be who they SAY they are, let's see some ID, or you're not getting in.

"McCain fortune traced to organized crime Mob figures later implicated in Arizona savings and loan scandal --WND " Mexico is an organized crime-dominated polity, and is perhaps not coincidentally favored by McCain, as for permeable borders with them, mass legalization of
foreign criminals from there, with no exclusion of especially felonious ones, and much more.
also:To quote Mona Charen: "Bradley Smith, former commissioner of the Federal Election Commission and the leading legal scholar on campaign finance issues, experienced the McCain treatment firsthand. Because Mr. Smith opposed limits on political speech, he was denounced as "corrupt" by the senator (as was Commissioner Ellen Weintraub). Mr. Smith, who lives modestly, jokes that his wife has complained about the absence of jewels and furs.Though he served on the commission for five years and made several attempts to meet with Mr. McCain to discuss the issues, Mr. Smith was rebuffed. The two did accidentally meet outside a hearing room in 2004 when both were scheduled to testify before the Senate Rules Committee. At first, Mr. McCain grasped Mr. Smith's outstretched hand (Mr. Smith was in a wheelchair, recovering from surgery), but when he recognized his campaign finance opponent, he snatched his hand back, snarling: "I'm not going to shake your hand. You're a bully. You have no regard for the Constitution. You're corrupt."Mr. Smith, a soft-spoken scholar, ardent patriot and lifelong conservative Republican, cannot, as a matter of honor, pull the lever for Mr. McCain. He is far from alone, and that is the Republican Party's heartbreak in 2008."

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