Friday, February 29, 2008

McCain Shows Weakness & Capitulation Towards His Left, While Vilifying & Rejecting Supporters To His Right

Current Example: Bill Cunningham, who was condemned and rejected (by broken McCain) for starting up a McCain rally with references to Barack Hussein Obama, thus emphasizing the Islamic affinities of Obama, not to mention the left in general.
This gives a totally unearned free pass to Obama, who said in his book: "I ... stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift ... It's unilateral disarmanent; essentially a capitulation before even a shot has been fired. If that isn't a thoroughly broken-down way to show fighting spirit against an unworthy opponent, what would be? Extravagant respect, for leftist, racial-crybaby affirmative action cases? For the repudiation of Cunningham, may this cost him nearly all the Ohio delegates, see here: ... About Barack H....Obama

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