Sunday, October 5, 2008

To Be A Trusted Colleague Of Known Terrorists, As Obama...

has long been, to Ayers and Dohrn, is to destroy the chance of being trusted by the informed and loyal electorate, with the command-in-chief of our armed forces. As a trusted leader of terrorist-allied Rathke's ACORN activities, Obama also must forfeit that same trust of the electorate as above. At this link, one may find others which indicate hitherto unheralded depth to the collegiality and collaborations of Obama: Ruh-Roh... Palin Tells Crowd Obama Is "Palling Around" With Terrorists, i.e. with weathermen Ayers and Dohrn. Trust is earned, not given, especially in the case of our very highest security clearance, which is yet decided by the electorate.
________________ "...the Joyce Foundation, and especially Ms. Leff, had a longstanding and ongoing relationship with Bill Ayers, whom Ms. Leff considered to be in charge of developing the Chicago Annenberg Challenge."
Quoted from this Source, where further substantiation as to the above is to be found
as also here: William Ayers and Barack Obama: Finally exposed
& here: Exclusive: Joseph Farah spotlights history behind Obama's ties to 3 domestic terrorists"

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