Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Left Which Uses Financial Panic-Mongering Should Lose Massively

especially since they would then seem not to care about the collateral damage. Power is much more important to them.
Addition: Dissecting Leftism has information on how dishonest the major polls are from here


dave in boca said...

A couple of quick observations: As the price of gas sinks back to saner levels, the feeling of anxiety among the average voter is subsiding.

And the pollsters down here in S. Florida begin their pitch with 'this is not a commercial call or a request for payment on a bill,' causing me to hang up until I finally listened for a minute. The "weighting" Strata-Sphere talks of with Rasmussen may reflect on the fact that Repubs don't take anonymous callers while Dems are usually a bit more naive, or to be charitable, willing to listen to a pitch.

Either way, when I voted today in Boca, the poll volunteers & city employees said the turnout is about thirty percent higher than it was in '04---not a good sign for McCain. A foreign-born engineer kept telling a Haitian fellow behind me not to leave the long polling line because "this election is so important."

Straws in the wind? Perhaps, but I think that if McCain can get the silly Obama "spread the wealth" meme past the corrupt major media, he could get a surge to within striking distance. But it may be too late.....

Anyhow, I put your blog on my Blogroll. Until recently I was on Sailer's but we parted on the Iraq War, which he steadfastly opposes even as we are at the threshold of victory---something the media is hiding desperately to keep the Golden Crime Lord from that additional eff-up.

John S. Bolton said...

Thank you, I appreciate your comments and reference. Today was a great day in the markets and stress is abating.