Sunday, November 16, 2008

"Unrepentant Terrorist" Ayers Gets Treated As A Moral Authority... major media, as he pontificates on how there is supposedly no place in American politics for 'guilt by association'. All the while, Obama has been an applicant for the highest security clearance, and by no means to be given a presumption of innocence in that regard. The electorate had only to trust or distrust, not to indict or determine guilt. Therefore the story of 'guilt by association' is not known to be true or reasonable. The granting of moral authority to such as Ayers is in itself an indulgence of gross amoralism, of journalistic nihilism even.


Anonymous said...

Ive watched a little YouTube of Ayers. He's a liar alright, through and through.

He's the type of liar that "turns things around on you" so he can act as if HE is the affronted party. He's into word stressing and word elongation to make almost-theatrical points. He struck me as "spoiled", which is what most of the Weather Underground was.....spoiled rich kids.

Ayers couldn't defeat America with the Underground path, but he's waged his own nihilistic war against it through his work in radicalizing and intellectually psy-oping education. It takes a real rat to want to twist kids and queer their perceptions.

John S. Bolton said...

He's a victimizer pretending to be a victim.

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