Saturday, December 20, 2008

With The Federal Reserve Buying Enormous Volume

of new and old credit, continuing at the same rate they would own all the treasury debts in private hands before long and that is inflationary. If not today, then before many months have passed, an inflationary effect should show


Anonymous said...

Inflation is the biggest theif that ever was.

The home my parents bought 31 years ago was 55K. Today the same house is "worth" 220K.

Same house, no additions, no extra landscaping, just older.

To afford that -same- OLD house, someone has to make much much more money. It was about 1900 sq. feet, w/a 2 car garage. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 living rooms, dining room, dining 'area', foyer, kitchen. It needed more closet space". It had a patio and not a deck. A nice place, but no mansion.

If the government was -really-concerned about America staying competitive globally, we'd work on making regular houses cheaper, so people could afford them with less money, therefore those same people would be happy to work for less. If a house like that were still
55K today, a nurse today for instance would probably be very happy making 8-9 bucks and hour instead of 20 bucks an hour, etc. A factory worker would be very happy to make 10 bucks and hour instead of 18 bucks an hour, and we'd be much more competitive globally.

When there is inflationary "rounds", the first people who get the FED's new dollars get "the most" for that money before it has a chance to dilute everyone elses. The fact they have bailed out Citibank (Robert Rubin AGAIN, remmeber the Mexican loans back during Buch the Elder's term that got bailed out for Goldman Sachs when Rubin was there?) makes me very very angry. We rake the automakers over the coals, but say NOTHING about Citibank having their lousy loans just bought up by the taxpayer. I think he KNEW that this would be the case. It rewards failure, over and over again. That guy has a reputation as some sort of savvy businessman, but in truth he's never made a good business decision and would be mega-bankrupt of his own accord, shunned from Wall Street forever, if not for the two times he's gotten taxpayer money for his double fiascos.

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