Saturday, December 6, 2008

It Seems Unbelievable That The High Court Might Leave Obama Unaccountable

and having to answer to no one, in spite of being required to answer to the Supreme Court, to avoid admission of ineligibility. The rule of law means we don't have anyone who is that unaccountable, therefore the court will have to proceed against him for such defiance.


Anonymous said...

I guess the CFR and Bilderbergers really do run it all..............

I know, I know...........sometimes I get maudilin. Its really astonishing that Barry-half-white (what the great Udolpho called him before he hung up his blog, which was the funniest ever), probably was not even born here, and the "vetters" knew it, but also knew they could just let it slide.

The media, which the elite control John, can pretty much stir the public up to anything they want. If it wasn't for the remnants of Judeo-Christianity, they could probably make people feel guilty about not indulging in community orgies and letting their thirteen-year olds fellate one another after school post-one-year-of-really-hard-propagandizing-on-the-subject.

The idiot box and the radio and start-up page let us know what its "cool" to think, and what opinions to express without social isolation as a consequence. Its mass peer pressure and conditioning by the --created--ideology of "political correctness", Cultural Marxism's Greatest Creation---

Marcuse and Adorno and Hoernicker really were smart. I hope they are burning in hell.

John S. Bolton said...

There is a criminal conspiracy aspect to the major media which has shown up especially in this election cycle. Credibility has been lost to an unprecedented degree here. They have or should have hell to pay.