Friday, June 13, 2008

Tranzis Humiliated! Ireland Vetoes EU Re-Constitution

One-worlders got a come-uppance today, and a huge one. Internationalists, you have been slapped. Irish voters reject EU power grab »
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Would You Vote To Establish A New Government Which Would Be Against You For Racial Reasons?
This is what the Irish have before them today, and not only that, but the EU referendum, if approved, would tend to destroy national loyalty, and the value of such loyalty. Therefore, it seems unlikely to pass, even if media are overwhelmingly misrepresenting the extent of sovereignty that would be yielded without a fight.
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Vaclav Klaus Speaks The Doom Of The EU Re-Constitution
EU referendum: Czech president says Lisbon Treaty project is over:
"Czech president Vaclav Klaus, who is supported by the country's largest political party, called the Irish referendum vote a 'victory of freedom and reason' and said 'ratification cannot continue'. His view was echoed in the Czech senate.'
Politicians have allowed the citizens to express their opinion only in a single EU country,' Mr Klaus said. "
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Tranzi Leaders Freeze When The Imagined Equality & Brotherhood Turns Into War
Like Blair at The Gleneagles conference to hand out billions to the third world, freezing when the third world bit that hand, with the 7-7 subway bombings. Or it could be Bush still reading the goat storybook to a group of children, when the 9-11 news was given to him. A recent example is Bush sitting placidly among the Olympics spectators while the Russians rolled into Georgia. An old example is the captain of the Titanic, frozen and unable to process the information that his unsinkable ship was going to sink. They all freeze, because it is inconceivable that immigrants would bring down one 100-storey building after another, it is unimaginable that a giant giveaway to the poorest in the world would be disrespected with terror-bombings, it is unbelievable that national loyalty could still mean much to a powerful foreign leader, and unsinkable ships don't sink. They're at a loss as to how to react, since they'd have to repudiate the doctrines of the equality and brotherhood of all mankind. Without those doctrines, smearing opponents of the next power-grab will be harder. How will they respond to enemies and unequals correctly as such, while positioning themselves also to vilify those who say that there are lasting enemies and inferiors? How will they pretend that national loyalty is outdated and forgotten, while being updated daily on the invasions of those who didn't get that memo? Maybe this explains why they freeze in just those moments.
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A Lucid & Concise Statement Of The Far Greater Perils To Civilization
"Europe today does not face a 'fascist' threat but an 'antifascist' danger making way for a hostile Muslim takeover."
The above is quoted from Paul Gottfried on Russia at Taki’s Magazine, as found on VFR
From the far left to the moderate right, and even further rightward, we get warnings of threats of resurgent fascism in civilized countries, while the clear and potent danger is of speech police-statist 'anti-racism' and 'anti-fascism' basely serving the immigrant onslaught of unspeakably backward Islam, which is impossible to show to be compatible with the continuity of the advancement of civilization.


Anonymous said...

this is why the elite is for multiculturalism and illegal you wont feel loyal or patriotic to the country full of 'strangers' you are in, but beg for a police state to keep you safe from the newer, violent-gang-ridden interlopers..........

John S. Bolton said...

Power-seekers do show that impulse to punish the loyal and patriotic, while enthusing over influxes of foreigners who are either outright hositles or nearly so. The loyalty of citizens to each other is a threat to the ambition of the powerful. In the name of what else would opposition to despotic measures rally round, the freedom of humanity in general? There are always going to be nations with much less freedom, and it is even true by definition, if:
the power-seekers are trying for more power, when and where they have less than other rulers elsewhere do.

Anonymous said...


When you think about it, our elite are foursquare fools for pursuing what they are pursuing. China, India, Indonesia, Arabia, and Africa are not "diverse". Multiculturalism looks to me like the elite-congnoscetti, with the help of corporate power, is trying to birth a world where there is no ethnic majority anywhere, but all the races are mixed everywhere, so their will be no "homelands" (except for Israel) for anyone, so they might as well pursue a world government to restrain the corpratocracy's control of their lives.

But, there is a problem with this........the people's of the world are only really willing to go move to live amongst white Europeans (because they are non-violent by nature). How many Arabs do you think would move to China, or Indians to Africa? Zilch. The elite may wake up in a Europe and America that is so divided against itself as to be somewhat impotent in 50 years against a Russian, Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, Arabian world that is by-then-militarily-just as advanced as we are, but ethnically united as we are divided. What then?

The only reason our elite can pursue any of this is our military and the sense of confidence that 16 carrier groups, 8000 nukes, and the world's largest-most-advaned air force can give them. The gated communities in which they live are another layer of security in which they are putting their stock, and private schooling yet another for their offspring. Electorally, if the swells of immigrants ever unite against our elite under an eglatarian banner, private schools and private police forces can be abolished overnight, and their precious offspring bused across county lines to attend school with the new brown underclass. Think they'd be for more "diversity" then? This is the bet they are making.

John, I have no illusions about this stuff. Make no mistake, what we are seeing is the corporate elites/neo-cons attempt to make a de facto "world market", and world state following it. They figure and reason they will always have exclusive enclaves for themeselves and their own broods a hundred years from now in the future. I think getting yourself outnumbered is like losing to an invasion. Who knows what future electorates will deem right or wrong? Its foolish and folly to "give" America or Canada or Australia, or Europe, or New Zealand away to other races via immigration and stagnant or declining birhtrates, but that is what is slowly happening. Their decendents, if they win, might loathe the very mention of the names of the prime movers in all of this (Bush, Clinton, Rockefeller, Jacoby, and the like).

Meanwhile............China, India, Indonesia, Russia, Arabia are ehtnically unified as ever.........laughing at us. Our own arrogance assumes we will always be ahead of these peoples in war technology, but I dont think the future is nearly so concrete. We are gambling with Western Civilization and freedom in the most primal sense, even if our generations wont be around long enough to see it.

John S. Bolton said...

What is more likely, would be that the idea is to get enough diversity to get civil war and dictatorship. Then they can turn 180 and persecute and regiment the minorities as needed for such power goals. The power relative to the outside needn't be affected then. Even now, the military doesn't use as much quota-filling as they elsewhere, in elite units. If rulers got the dictatorship itself, the quota-eligibles will have outlived their usefulness. The targetting along racial lines can just serve the power objectives. You notice that Russia is exempt from rules governing other countries which are majority white. The same is largely true of E. European nations, the world's refugees are not said to be their responsibility to resettle. One consistent pattern shows through: insofar as a nation has been resistant to despotism, urge pro-diversity on it. Once dictatorship is won in all these nations, pro-diversity will be replaced with a ruthless demand for harmony. One way to know this, is to observe the power-greedy here over the last decades, imposing integration relative to blacks, and segregation relative to 'bilinguals'. From this one sees the power imperative trumping any and all pretend principles.